Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Well it's Tuesday already! Where has the week gone? I am very excited to have received the names of my partners for the monthly SLANT Box Exchange. Who doesn't love getting presents in the mail? Not bills, but presents!  If you would like to participate next month, click on the SLANT Button which takes you here.
The SLANT Box Exchange
I had a great day at a friend's house yesterday and came home to 59 unread blog posts! Yikes! Have no fear, I got them all read before bed time.

Today, I have been fiddling around trying to make a pretty 100 chart. This is what I have so far.  I'm not happy with it yet.

I finally started putting information in my beautiful Erin Condren planner - thanks Mom!  Wow is that ever fun!  I am still a bit afraid of making a mistake...  Today I will laminate a few (hundred) more items!  I hope your day is way more exciting than mine.  :)


  1. I like your hundreds chart Lisa, I think perhaps what it needs is a thicker/darker line around the outside of the number boxes to help the transition to the stripes. I'm going to look into the Slant Boxes, it looks like fun!
    - Melissa
    Teacher Abroad