Sunday, 18 January 2015

Shadow Puppet Rocks!

I have just recently discovered a new app - Shadow Puppet.
The week before Christmas, I had many students away.  During this week, two children trained two children in my class, then two more children, then two in another class, and so on.  Now three classes know how to use this fantastic app.

The students take pictures using the iPad camera.  Then they insert the photos into their Shadow Puppet creation.  The children narrate their way through the pictures.  Here's how my students used it.

They were given this math problem:
They took a picture of the problem.  Using Shadow Puppet, they read the question while displaying the photograph of it.  Then they snapped pictures of themselves solving the problem.
The final product (video) can be emailed, tweeted, sent to youtube...  So many possibilities.
This app is excellent for students to explain their thinking.  And it is FREE!!!

(I couldn't post any of my students' videos.  They all took a picture of themselves and inserted it into the finished product.  Funny kids!)

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  1. Have you tried the app "Sock Puppets" similar idea but using sock puppets they create to explain things.