Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A Sale and a Great Day!

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Who doesn't love a great sale!!!  Everything in my store is on sale for an additional 20% on December 1st and 2nd.  (Can you believe it is nearly December already?)

We had some excellent P.D. this morning.  A group of us got to go hear George Couros speak.  He was amazing!  He was inspiring!  Has anyone else seen him before?
I hope you had a chance to enjoy that little snippet.  Have a great night!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Bullying Awareness Week

This is Bullying Awareness Week here in little old Canada.  On Friday, we are supposed to wear blue as a sign of peace and safety.  If you want to check out the website, it is here.  There are some good links in it.  If you click on Wednesday, there is information on cyberbullying.  Here are two videos for you to watch.
What do you do at your school to prevent bullying?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Scoop - Nov. 16

I am linking up with Teaching Trio on this day in which I ran in the SNOW!  What is wrong with this place?  Snow in November?  No, thank you!!!
We are singing the sweetest song for the holiday concert.  Here is a video of another choir doing it.
Isn't that beautiful?  (I'm sure we will sound just like that.  Lol!)
We have been writing descriptive paragraphs.  First we each had a honey crisp apple.  We used our senses to brainstorm words to describe the apple.  Then we wrote a paragraph together.  Hence, I have some apples left over to make apple crisp with.  I guess I didn't count the apples in the bags very well.

Ribs are in the oven.  It is starting to smell very yummy in here!!!  Have a great night!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Currently November - For Real?

I am linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her Currently linky party.

I know I have been somewhat AWOL but we have had a rough go in my house.  Our Thanksgiving was awesome, but then we came home to find out our oldest kitty, Rufus, was not eating very much.  Now he was one of the best kitties you could imagine!  He was more like a dog/cat.  Anyway, he passed away.  Now we are a three cat family.  (That sounds a bit more normal, doesn't it?  Still sad though.)  My black and white kitty, Jax, smashed my iPhone just prior to Thanksgiving.  I got the glass replaced but the camera was not working.  Everything was super blurry!  And you know how important our camera is to us...  So yesterday, I accidentally got a new iPhone 6!  Hello photos!!!!!!!
As you can see from my Currently, having report cards done is the BEST!  Is it too early to start some Christmas shopping?  

I'm sure you would like to see one of the first photos from my new phone.
Sweet Cassie missing her big brother
Have an amazing week!  I'm going to be a much better friend from now on.  :)