Monday, 1 September 2014

Currently September

On this last day of summer vacation, I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently linky party.

Listening:  I just love TV.  Even if I'm not paying attention, I love to have it on in the background.
Loving:  It's my last day of Summer vacation.  A new batch of friends will be coming through my doors tomorrow morning.  I am all ready and do not need to go to school today.  I'm going to go walk on the beautiful trail with my family.
Wanting:  Who wants to vacuum on the last day of vacation?  Not I!  That fairy never ever shows up...  If you find her, send her my way.
Needing:  We still need a BBQ.  I'm getting really tired of making the same kinds of foods.  I used to have a great break in the summer with bbq favourites, but no such luck this year.
3 Trips:  Italy is on the top of my list.  I have always wanted to go there!  I have flown over Boston when we go to Cape Cod, but we have never actually been there.  One year, we had a trip planned, but my friend got a teaching job that started the next day.  The trip was cancelled.  Some day I will get to these places.  I just know it.

Have a great holiday Monday!!!


  1. Enjoy your first day tomorrow! I hope that it's amazing! And if you find the vacuuming fairy, pass along her details, I think I'm in need of her services, too!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. I wonder if the laundry fairy and the vacuuming fairy go on vacas together for long periods of time, because I've been waiting for her to show up! I can totally relate to the whole tv going on in the background. I developed a nasty habit when I was younger of needing the TV on to fall asleep... it's a struggle if I don't have it on. And if you need any tips on where to visit in Italy, feel free to ask! My trip there this summer was unbelievable- so much to see in one country!! Have a great first day with your new kiddos and here's to a great year of growth with them!
    Tales of a Teacher

  3. Have a great day tomorrow - enjoy your family time!! I would love the vacuum fairy to show up with her BFF the laundry fairy : )

  4. I actually don't mind vacuuming for some odd reason. I'm looking for a fairy to clean my refrigerator and bathrooms. I want to go to Boston someday, too! And Greece! My sister and I traveled in Italy one June. It is beautiful! I highly recommend it! Good luck tomorrow on your first day, and enjoy your walk today!

  5. I always have my tv on, too, even if it's just playing in the background! I just started dating a man who doesn't ever turn his tv on... So we're either doomed or I get to always control what we're watching, right? We'll see...

    My vacuuming fairy comes tomorrow - in the form of my cleaning lady! Love her! I decided long ago that life is too short to waste time doing chores! Esp. those I hate - like bathrooms and vacuuming.

    Good luck tomorrow; hope your year is the best!

  6. I love having the tv on in the background too!! Plus the times when I'm watching! Lol! Hope your first days have gone smoothly!