Sunday, 20 July 2014

Favorite Pin Frunday?

Happy Sunday!!!!  Today I am linking up with Ali at Teaching Powered by Caffeine for Favorite Pin Friday.
I did not do a ton of pinning this week but here is what I did.  First of all, I took an exciting road trip to IKEA for these:
I am excited to use these for table groups, challenges, centres...  Did you know that these are only 99 cents?  And they are double sided so you can put something on each side.  They also come in white.

Also at IKEA, I got these cute round coasters:
I am going to use them to make Post-It Note Clipboards like I pinned from Monica at Roland with iPads.
IKEA did not have square coasters but the round ones will totally fit the 3X3 Post Its.  I think I can eliminate putting pretty duct tape on because they are already pretty.  These are 99 cents for 10 coasters - a great deal!  Thanks for the brilliant idea, Monica!

I have also been reading Notice and Note.
I am really enjoying this book.  I pinned this anchor chart:
Finally, when I was on my family run/walk yesterday, the runners encountered a mama fox and three babies.  The walkers also saw them and spent a long time taking photos of these lovely little fellows.  I love the little one rolling on the trail.  So cute!
Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. Ok, I got LOTS to say about this post, so I'll address these one by one:
    First of all, I'm so glad your trip to Ikea went so well. Makes the long drive there worth it, huh?
    I've seen those frames you showed. A lot of teachers are using them for table groups, etc. They're cute....I wonder what I could use them for. I mean, 99cents is so CHEAP! How can you NOT buy them? And as for the coaster idea....BRILLIANT!!! Clipboards for post-it notes? That's the best idea I've heard all stinkin' day! I'm totally gonna copy cat you, and am now on a mission to find cheapie coaster {maybe at Ikea, like you did}.

    Now, this Notice and Note book....I see everybody reading this. I try NOT to read PD books, but I'm starting to think this might be one I should. I still haven't done close reading yet, and was trained in it last Oct. I'm pretty sketchy on how to approach and teach it. Don't even know where to begin, and this year we MUST do it. What do you think?

    Foxes!!!! Ohhh, how I would have LOVED to run into foxes {especially baby ones} on a glorious walk. I've never seen foxes before, except maybe at a zoo {animal prison}. I may live closer to Ikea than you do, but you get to run into cool animals on your runs. YOU WIN!!!
    Thanks for linking up, Lisa! You're post was so helpful to me today! : )

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  2. I SO wish I lived near an IKEA. The closest one is 8 hours away.... I love love love it. Good find.