Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Big Sale and My Wishlist

I have been waiting for this all summer!

300 × 250

It's the TpT Back to School Sale!  Many sellers (including me) have everything in their store on sale for 20% off.  You get an additional discount from TpT by using the promo code:  BTS14.
I thought I would show you a few of the things that have been waiting patiently on my wish list for this big sale.  Click on the picture to view the item in the TpT store.

My wish list is 5 pages long, so this is just some of the things I will be picking up next week.  What's on your wish list?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Why'd I Buy It - Linky

I'm linking up with AMC from Elementary AMC for her Why'd I Buy It linky party.
I already showed you my awesome IKEA purchases (picture frames, coasters) and my beautiful 10 drawer unit which is already assembled and labelled in my classroom.  Here are my purchases that I haven't already shown you.
 I bought 100 of these and they set me back... $5.00!!  Thank you Walmart!!!  I'm going to use them for Interactive Math Notebook, Interactive Language Notebook, and Interactive Science Notebook.
I picked up 12 packs of these for $1.25 each!  Thank you Target!  I know this next picture is blurry.  Sorry about that!  I bought a set of these - half purple, half turquoise.  I already took them to school.
I just love the colours so much!  They were 3 or 4 for $1.25 at the Dollar Tree.  Here is my favourite purchase so far:
Isn't it pretty?  It's my second Erin Condren teacher planner.  Last year was my first year purchasing one of these and I loved it.  I can't wait to get my timetable and start filling it in.  :-)
If you haven't done so already, join in on the party!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

SLANT Box Reveal - June/July

I am linking up with Jameson from Lessons with Coffee for the June/July SLANT Box reveal.
I was so lucky to be paired up with Emily from Emmy Mac's Class.  I love this girl!!!

She knows me so well already.  She sent me awesome, thoughtful gifts that spread sunshine to every living creature in my house.  You'll see what I mean.
I came home yesterday to this:
When I opened it, there was a lovely card, everything was wrapped in sunshiny yellow tissue paper - each gift was labeled.
(You can see that Jax is already in the background - maybe on the counter - waiting to see what HE got.)  As I opened each item, I put the tissue paper on the floor.  Cassie and Jax couldn't be happier.
I know it's super blurry, but these guys move very quickly when there is tissue paper involved.  I tried to take a picture of all of the amazing things... there were two happy face stress balls, but someone hopped up and stole one as I was trying to take the picture.
Look at that beautiful Hello Sunshine card!  Can you see the cat treats sent for my furry friends?  And they also loved the tissue paper so much.  Not only did Emily think of me and the kitties, but she also sent these for my aviator husband.  And he loves them, Emily!!!

If you haven't participated in the SLANT Boxes, they are a great way to make some awesome new friends!  Thanks for all of your hard work, Jameson, and thanks for everything, Emily!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Peek at My Week - July 27th

I am pleased to be linking up with Jennifer from Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for A Peek at My Week.
I have not linked up much this summer because I have not been doing much.  It would have looked like this:  Monday-putter around, Tuesday-read a book...  See?  A bit dull!
This week is a teeny tiny bit more exciting.  I found these pretty editable labels for a teacher toolkit here.  Rachel was so nice to make them editable because I have a really old 16 or 20 drawer one with little drawers all the same size.  Many of you seem to have the one with two different-sized drawers.  I was able to work with Rachel's template to make these:
Wouldn't it be great if I knew exactly how many drawers I actually had?!  Oh well.  I made a second page.  Tomorrow, I hope to pop to school and put these babies on my toolkit.  Fingers crossed that it works...  Then, of course, I'm going to enjoy a lovely lunch with my BFF Shana.  :-)
On Tuesday, my mom and I are going to hop across the border for some awesome shopping (and eating)!  I'm hoping Target and/or Walmart still have the $1 Crayolas!!!  I'm also obsessively going to my Walmart and Staples in search of the 10¢ 80-page spiral notebooks.  (I use these for my interactive notebooks.)  My mom and I will probably eat at Olive Garden.  All of our Olive Gardens closed up a few years ago.
Sweet Jax has a vet appointment on Wednesday.  The vet staff love to cuddle that big sweetie!  And Thursday I have another fun lunch planned with great friends.
Next weekend is a long holiday weekend in Canada.  Monday is called a Civic Holiday.  I don't believe it is celebrating anything special.  It just allows an awesome long weekend in the middle of our summer.  My cousin from Vancouver, together with his wife and 1-year old, my cousin for New York City, and my family from close by are all meeting about an hour away for lunch.  I love those family occasions!

Finally, here is my husband (who refused to smile for this photo) route planning our flight to North Carolina.  He has spent a good chunk of the day doing this, and here he is with all of the charts taped together.  What a huge job!  Isn't he great?
I'm off to laminate those labels!  Happy Sunday!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Favorite Pin Friday - July 25

I am linking up with my friend Ali from Teaching (Powered by Caffeine) for Favorite Pin Friday.
The theme this week is:  Classroom Decoration.
First up, I love this pencil vase from The Refab Diaries:
I'm looking for some inexpensive comfy cushions for more comfortable independent reading.  Here are a couple of inviting reading nooks:
And last of all, this pin would make my classroom absolutely perfect, comfy, and cozy.
Oops!  How did she get there?  I guess Cassie just hopped into my post because she is so cute.
Have a fabulous Friday night!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Another Great Giveaway!

It is HOT here in Canada!  Wow!!  I just wanted to pop by and let you know about another amazing giveaway.  Nichole at The Craft of Teaching is celebrating 350 followers on her blog and 600 followers on Instagram.

The Craft of Teaching
For this celebration, I have donated my plaid alphabet which you can find here.
I have been working on making new CRAFT board headers.  They look like this:
If you are interested in downloading the strategies for my CRAFT board, they are still available on this post from last summer.  I laminated like crazy today, and fit in lunch with some lovely ladies - I wish I'd snapped a photo.  I hope your day was also wonderful.  Take care.

Monday, 21 July 2014

A Great Giveaway, a Cart, and a Cat

First of all, I wanted to let you know about an amazing giveaway over at Thriving in Third.
thriving in 3rd
Lindsey is celebrating her 1 year blogiversary!
There are some amazing prizes to be won.  I have donated my Money Task Cards.

Today I popped into school to put together my pretty 10-drawer rolly carty thingy.  I'm not going to lie...  It took me a little while to assemble.  And I might have had to take it apart again and put on the washers.  Oops.  My labels are on and finally, TA DA!!!
So this morning, I got up and couldn't find the garbage can.  Weird.  Where could it be?  Well, it was under the bed.  I pulled it out - it was kind of wedged in there - and stood it back up in its place.  Then this happen.  So busted, Jax!!!
Do you see why we couldn't foster him?  He's a definite keeper!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Favorite Pin Frunday?

Happy Sunday!!!!  Today I am linking up with Ali at Teaching Powered by Caffeine for Favorite Pin Friday.
I did not do a ton of pinning this week but here is what I did.  First of all, I took an exciting road trip to IKEA for these:
I am excited to use these for table groups, challenges, centres...  Did you know that these are only 99 cents?  And they are double sided so you can put something on each side.  They also come in white.

Also at IKEA, I got these cute round coasters:
I am going to use them to make Post-It Note Clipboards like I pinned from Monica at Roland with iPads.
IKEA did not have square coasters but the round ones will totally fit the 3X3 Post Its.  I think I can eliminate putting pretty duct tape on because they are already pretty.  These are 99 cents for 10 coasters - a great deal!  Thanks for the brilliant idea, Monica!

I have also been reading Notice and Note.
I am really enjoying this book.  I pinned this anchor chart:
Finally, when I was on my family run/walk yesterday, the runners encountered a mama fox and three babies.  The walkers also saw them and spent a long time taking photos of these lovely little fellows.  I love the little one rolling on the trail.  So cute!
Have a great rest of your weekend!