Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ten Things I want to do this Summer

Happy Tuesday!  I am linking up with Deanna Jump of Mrs. Jump's Class for her Summer linky.
I still have exactly one month of school left, but here goes my dreams for this upcoming summer.
1.  Read for fun!  One of my favourite mindless reads is the Janet Evanovich "Stephanie Plum" series... and look what's coming out on June 17:
This series cracks me up!  I like to read in bed and I actually have to stop myself from waking up my husband with my laughter!
2.  Enjoy my first ever, brand new Kitchen Aid Mixer!  Made cookies yesterday on the day it arrived.  Is it bad that I dreamed about it?
3.  Read my large collection of professional books!  Here are just a couple of them.  Jax is so clever - he can read upside down.  He must have a teacher for a mother.  :-)
4.  Take a wee weekend trip to NYC.  We started this tradition on our tenth wedding anniversary and have gone every summer since.
5.  Run with my mom.  Run with Teri.  Run with Rebecca.  Run, run, run.
6.  Set up my Grade 4 class.  Will it be in my same room or a new room?  Time will tell.
7.  Enjoy many delicious meals with friends!  We have no air conditioning - so eating out is a great way to cool off. 
8.  Celebrate our anniversary - #14.
9.  Cuddle my kitties.  Please don't judge count - they all really needed a home at one time or another.  <3
10.  Relax and enjoy! 
Have a great rest of the week!  To those of you who are on vacation or down to your final days, know that I am a wee bit envious - but I still love you all.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tried it Tuesday - Monster Writing

I am linking up with Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper for:
This is an awesome idea copied 100% from Alyssa at Teaching in the Fast Lane.
On Saturday, she posted about her simultaneous writing idea and I loved it!  Read her post here to get all of the information.  I did exactly what she suggested.  We read "Where the Wild Things Are".
Then at their table groups of six, they each got out a different colour of marker.  I gave them each a blank piece of paper.  Then I timed about 15 seconds for each person to start drawing their monster. I said:  "Markers up!" and they rotated their page clockwise.  We repeated the process until they ended up with their own pages.  Then I gave them a minute to do any finishing touches.  Here is one of them.
Next I gave them each a piece of lined paper.  This time I gave 1 minute.  They each started to write about their monster.  When time was up they rotated the writing and picture clockwise.  We kept this up until all six people had a chance to contribute to the story.  The originator started and ended his/her own story.  Everyone wrote like crazy!  There were no students sitting there staring into space saying "I don't know what to write about!"  Alyssa, you're a genius!
I love this idea so much and can't wait to do it again!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Crazy Short Week!

We have a very short school week...  Today was Victoria Day in Canada and that means no school.  Friday is a P.A. Day for teachers to work on report cards.  I just wanted to share a couple of things that I was going to post during that awful last week.  First of all, we have finished up our 3D Geometry unit.  We really had a great time - we built prisms and pyramids out of toothpicks and marshmallows, we made 3D City Scenes (one of our expectations is to sketch the 3D skeletons).  We ended our unit with geometry centres which they adored!  When I was explaining each centre a boy shouted out - "Hey, that's not work!  That's fun!"  Tricked you, little buddy.  :-)

I also wanted to show you what my Grade 4 neighbour made with the Kindergarten Buddies - pet rocks - and they are sooooo cute!  Here are two...

 This week we will be starting our new unit on probability in math.  I love this unit!  We will make a board game at the end of this unit.  I have 27 days of school left!  Summer is just around the corner...  Here is a picture of Mom and me on the trail this morning.  It was an absolutely beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I'm B---a----c----k!!!!!

Wow, have I ever missed you guys.  Did anyone sense my absence?  Here is what happened on the worst week of my life in order of importance.
1.  My poor brother got smashed in the face and knocked out by a mast while helping to put a sailboat in the water on Sunday, May 4.  He ended up in ICU for that week with surgery on Thursday to put in 7 plates and repair the multiple fractures to his jaw.  Hopefully he will be home from the hospital in time for this long weekend.  Fingers crossed, Friends.
2.  On Wednesday, May 7, I caught the flu - not the 24 hour flu or even the 48 hour flu, but more like the 100 hour flu.  I was down and out for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - and lost more than 10 pounds.  Zoiks!
3.  On Saturday, I was starting to feel like a human, reading blogs and minding my own business when... nasty grey screen on my Mac!  Are you kidding?  I was computer-less until last night.  Now I have a new hard drive and am ready to go.  Thank goodness bad things come in threes, right?
4.  On Saturday, our washing machine died/flooded the floor.  Now you know how handy a washing machine is when you are trying to de-germ-ify...

But now I'm back!  I hope you appreciate that doing laundry was the very very very bottom of my list.  :-)

Friday, 2 May 2014

May Currently

It's F-r-i-d-a-y!!!!  I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for May Currently.
Listening:  I came home about a half an hour later than usual.  You would think I never feed my poor kitties!  I had a wee shoe catastrophe at school - solved temporarily with leopard print duct tape!  I got new shoes after school.  Hence, a bit late for my furry friends.  Poor little fellows.
Loving:  No explanation required.  Right?
Thinking:  We can finally get into our report card program.  It would be a great idea to get a couple of completed strands entered - even though we have more than a month until they are due.
Needing:  I picked up some homemade garlic chive linguini, asiago sauce, and meatballs.  Yum!
Surprise:  I LOVE Meg at The Teacher Studio.  Have you seen her products?  I have all of her Concept Sorts, problem solving packs, and so much more.  If you would like to read about my class using the Fraction Concept Sorts you can click here.

Have a fantastic Friday night!