Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Peek at My Week-Feb. 9

I am one happy little Grade 4 teacher today!  Reports cards are done!  I am back!  Today I am linking up with Jennifer of Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for A Peek at My Week.
This past week was one of the best yet!  On Wednesday we had a ridiculous snow storm - but luckily buses were not cancelled.  So we got to SKYPE with our pen pals from Jennifer Laffin's class.
Mrs. Laffin's Laughings
My students could not be more excited!  You should have heard the squeals when they saw that our Wisconsin friends were online.  Each pen pal got to meet their pen pal face-to-face!  My favourite moment was when my boy B appeared on the screen and he was practically a twin to one of Jennifer's students, K.  Incredible!
That was definitely the highlight of our week!  Here are a couple of pictures to share with you from that day.  Here is a view from our third floor classroom window and my boy showing you that there are more than 21 cm of snow that day so far!  We usually have no snow on our third floor windows.
Isn't that ridiculous?!
This week is also going to be great!  I have an awesome Teacher Candidate starting tomorrow and staying for the four weeks until March Break.  I hope she loves us!  For our Collaborative Inquiry, we are working on Accountable Talk.  Check out the nice anchor chart my neighbour Miss J made.
We are also continuing with Data Management in Math.  We are working on scale.  On Tuesday we get to go to the Symphony with all of the grade 4's in our district.  It will be so fun!  We had to learn a dance to the Can Can and we dance in the theatre while the symphony plays.  On Wednesday I am away from school marking application forms from potential teacher candidates at our local university.  On Friday... it's Valentine's Day!  We also get to have a Groove workshop.  Have you heard of this?  We did it last year too.  So fun.  It is a kind of dance where each person moves in his or her own manner.  Similar yet different.  Well, I hope you have an amazing week too!


  1. WoW! That's a lot of snow...especially for this South Carolina girl!! How fun for your kiddos to Skype with their pen pals! I bet they loved every minute of it! Have a fantastic week!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. We had a blast Skyping too! That WAS really strange that we had twins in our classes, although I'm not sure either of them saw it. Well,have to do it again soon!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love all the ways there are to connect with pen pals now!

    The Math Maniac