Sunday, 29 December 2013

I've Been RACK'ed - Sharing the Love and a FREEBIE

A big THANK YOU to Erin at Mrs. Beattie's Classroom who RACK'ed me last week.  I love all of Erin's products - and especially adore all of her SMART Board products.  I am so grateful to her for sending me this:
This is another one of Erin's amazing SMART Board products - Multiplication Basic Facts and Algorithms for SMART Board.  Thanks again, Erin!

I am passing my Random Act of Christmas Kindness on to Ali at Teaching (Powered By Caffeine).  We have a similar background - teach the same grade, have taught a similar length of time, and I find her so supportive.  She always leaves kind comments on my blogposts which I appreciate so much.  I have created these Money Task Cards which I hope Ali will enjoy.  **I have also made them free for today.  If you download them, please leave some friendly feedback.  
I hope you are enjoying your holidays as much as I am.  Take care, everyone!

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