Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my blogging friends!  Where has the year gone?!  I am linking up with Jennifer at Simply Kinder for her Teaching Blog Linky Party.
What a great way to meet new bloggers and find more fabulous blogs!  

I enjoyed an icy but lovely run today.  I have signed up for the #500in2014 thanks to Shannon at I Run Read Teach - that means I'm going to run 500 miles in 2014.  Do you think since I'm Canadian I could pretend 500 kilometres is the same?  Lol!  I hope you all have a fabulous New Year's Eve and all the best for 2014.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

I've Been RACK'ed - Sharing the Love and a FREEBIE

A big THANK YOU to Erin at Mrs. Beattie's Classroom who RACK'ed me last week.  I love all of Erin's products - and especially adore all of her SMART Board products.  I am so grateful to her for sending me this:
This is another one of Erin's amazing SMART Board products - Multiplication Basic Facts and Algorithms for SMART Board.  Thanks again, Erin!

I am passing my Random Act of Christmas Kindness on to Ali at Teaching (Powered By Caffeine).  We have a similar background - teach the same grade, have taught a similar length of time, and I find her so supportive.  She always leaves kind comments on my blogposts which I appreciate so much.  I have created these Money Task Cards which I hope Ali will enjoy.  **I have also made them free for today.  If you download them, please leave some friendly feedback.  
I hope you are enjoying your holidays as much as I am.  Take care, everyone!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Peek at My Week - Christmas Style

I hope everyone is enjoying a sunnier winter break than I am!  We have had three full days of freezing rain!  I have not seen this much ice since the big ice storm of 1998!  We actually had two different families on my street lace up their skates and skate around the neighbourhood - I mean on the streets!  It is ridiculous here!

I am linking up with Jennifer at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for A Peek at My (Christmas) Week.
We started our Sunday with a delicious breakfast at Denny's!  That is my favourite way to start my week!

After breakfast, Rachel and I did many errands.  We were supposed to meet all of my cousins on my mom's side of the family in another town for lunch but due to the frustrating weather we had to postpone.  :(   So we went out for lunch and did more holiday errands with my mom.  Busy busy day. 
On Tuesday we will attempt the cousin gathering again - unfortunately, one cannot attend on this new day.  Wednesday, we cook breakfast for the mom's, make delicious Spinach Dip, Skor Cheese Ball, and broccoli salad and take those to my brother's house for a turkey dinner.  (You can click on the first two items to get a link to the recipes.)  Boxing Day we cook a turkey at our house for all of my husband's family - yep, 17 people for dinner!
During any free time, I have been busily trying to type all of my recipes out so they are on MacGourmet on my computer and devices.  It looks like such a great program but it sure is a lot of hard work to get everything converted.  Wishing you all a happy holiday!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Unwrapping Your Favorites - Holiday Photo

Well, there is one more day of school until the break!  I know I can do it!  So today I am linking up with Daina of Sticky Notes and Glitter and Tamara of Mrs. Russell's Room for their Unwrapping your Favorites linky party.  Today we are looking at the beloved holiday photos.
These first two pictures are near and dear to my heart.  They were taken about 14 years ago.  The first is one of the very first Christmas pictures with my husband, step-daughter, and me (and Chester the cat).  The next one is a picture of Rachel holding our Christmas present kitty, Rufus.  Nothing says Christmas like cats - cats in Christmas trees, batting around ornaments, eating tinsel, sleeping under the tree...  
Relatively recent Christmas Day tradition has my mom and I going for a run.  Then we go back to my house and Dave and I make breakfast for the Moms.  I love starting Christmas day this way.
On Christmas Day we go to my brother's house for a big family dinner.  It is so fun!  On Boxing Day we host a turkey dinner at our home for my husband's family.  Again - another great day!

Do you notice a pattern?  Eat, visit family,  eat with family and the occasional run.  :)

Monday, 9 December 2013

First Annual Holiday Cookie Swap Linky Party

Here I am - two days in a row!!!  I am linking up with Emily at The Reading Tutor/OG for her First Annual Holiday Cookie Swap Linky Party.  (Who doesn't love holiday cookies!)
The recipe I have chosen is my very favourite cookie recipe of my Grandma.  All of the grandchildren would fight over these cookies that only appeared at Christmas.  I always wondered why she didn't make them all year round.  They are that good.  But then again... I only make them at Christmas too.  :)  Miss you, Grandma!

Pop by Emily's blog.  There are already tons of delicious looking recipes to try!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Peek at my Week - Dec. 8

I have been absolutely MIA!  This was an unbelievably crazy and busy week - and I ended it with the nasty achy flu.  Boo!  On the bright side, I'm ready to link up with Jennifer at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for A Peek at my Week.
My evenings are much more free this week!  Thank goodness!
We will be using Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett for our shared reading and mentor sentence work.  We will be using a mentor sentence from the text to review the use of quotation marks.  Click here to read about the book on Jan Brett's awesome website.  Instead of a Paragraph of the Week, we will be doing a Sentence of the Day to test out our quotation mark knowledge!
In math, we are learning about money - counting up, making change, adding, and subtracting money (decimals).  My teacher candidate has lots of amazing activities planned for my little friends.  I'll send you pictures later on in the week.
In science, we are using SMART Notebook to create a display about a rock or mineral.  Each student chose a different rock/mineral so we will learn so much from each presentation!  My children can now animate objects...  They have a hard time moving past this though.  Lol!  They keep playing with all of the different effects - flip, fade in... "Come see this one, Mrs. B!"  We should be presenting by Thursday.
In art, we are creating monochromatic art.  They had to choose a shape.  Draw the shape in various sizes overlapping.  Then in each section they will paint a different tint or shade of the colour they choose.  Click here to see where I found the idea and see some examples.  Tomorrow we are going to simply explore the different tints and shades we can make on a strip of adding machine tape.
So it will be another busy but fun week.  Talk to you soon! :)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

December Currently

Have I ever told you how much I love December?  Aside from the weather it is my favourite month!  (We actually had a significant amount of snow during the last week of November but rain today.)  Weird!  I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her December Currently!  (I hope I make the top 100!)
I'm listening to my Holiday Favourites playlist on my iPhone.  I have to confess that I synced this playlist back onto my iPhone at least two weeks ago.  One month is too short to listen to Christmas music.  My all time favourite you ask?  Why it's Bing and Bowie.  Please enjoy.
Loving and Thinking and Wanting - no explanation required.  Our Canadian Thanksgiving was in early October so we have not had a break in a very long time.  This is the time of year we all get run down and sick!  I refuse to be sick during Christmas Break this year!  Let's get this out of my system!

I'm needing to get more done on my To Do List.  I made an excellent dent in it this weekend but still need to get more done!

My new favourite tradition is Elf Night.  We enjoy a delicious meal just before Christmas with my brother's family, eat, eat, eat and watch Elf!  I LOVE that movie!
Have a great end to your weekend and start to your week!