Monday, 11 November 2013

Remembrance Day

We had our Remembrance Day Assembly at school today.  (Yes, we had school.  No garbage pick up, banks, or mail.)  Our assembly was beautiful as always.  Our school has a large population of military families.  It is so powerful to see all of the parents in uniform.  There were close to 200 parents in attendance.  The children were amazing!  They were quiet and respectful.  They always seem to come through on this important occasion.  Here's a video we watched at our assembly.  Isn't it great?
On Saturday, I went shopping in the northern United States with a bus of teachers (great time!) and we were surprised that there were no poppies.  I hadn't realized that they are now a Canadian/British tradition.
Here is one more of my favourite Remembrance Day videos for you.


  1. I think the British tradition of the poppies is so neat! I saw William and Kate wearing them in a picture the other day, and thought it was so cute and sweet. I wish Americans had something like that. They're such cute pins. What does the red poppy signify?

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  2. We have poppies here in New Zealand too - except that we don't celebrate Rememberance Day. On the 25th of April every year we have ANZAC Day. Australia, New Zealand, Army Corps = ANZAC. We remember the fallen, celebrate those who fought for us, and those who serve still. I'm guessing that is quite similar to you?
    In WW1 our troops landed on the shores of Gallipoli on the 25th of April 1915 - sent out by Winston Churchill.
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  3. Weird you guys had school today ! We had our assembly on Friday because there was no school today! I agree .... I love teaching my kids about the poppy and why we wear it.

  4. That was a lot of people at your assembly! We always wear Poppies on Remembrance Day as a way of remembering.