Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Favourite Websites for Students and Teachers

Hello my blogging friends!  I am linking up with Erin of The E-Z Class for her Favourite Websites linky party.  First I'm going to show you some websites that are great for students of all ages followed by websites for teachers.
The E-Z Class
For Students:
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - This is an incredible site with a wide variety of virtual math manipulatives (pattern blocks, tangrams, geoboards, base 10 blocks...).  Have your students click on the grade and strand to get started.
KidsPast - This website provides children with a way to learn about history and have fun.  Information and relevant games are provided for each period.  We only used this briefly during our Medieval Times unit - but the children really seemed to enjoy it.

Wacky Web Tales - These are like Mad Libs.  Choose one of the topics, have the students create the appropriate parts of speech, and read the story together.  My students loved these!  There are lots of topics to choose from.  They are perfect when you have an extra minute or two.

Dance Move Maker - This is a great website for DPA (Daily Physical Activity) and/or Dance.  You choose what kind of music you would like, drag the dance positions into the boxes, and push play.  Easy as that!  Then I have the students stand behind their seats and do the dances they made with the blue computer man.  It provides the students with a nice body break!

For Teachers:
Mathwire - Problem Solving
This website provides excellent problem solving activities organized by grade and strand.  The activities open as PDFs - ready to use (with answers provided on the following page).

SMART Exchange - If you have a SMART Board or the SMART Board software, you are going to want to create a free account here!  There are TONS of free activities for you to use!  You can search by subject, activity type, or grade level.

Teaching Kids News - This is an amazing site to share current events with your students!  It is a Canadian website but many of the articles would apply (and appeal) to students everywhere.  During the (my) school year (September-June), there is a new article posted each weekday.  Many of the articles have links to videos or other articles.  Here is an example of one my students found particularly interesting.
Click on the article above to check it out.   There is a YouTube video that actually shows the dolphin getting rescued.   At the end of each article you will find:  Writing/Discussion Prompts, Reading Prompts, and Grammar Features.  There are different questions for each age range of students too!

Hopefully I have shown you at least one new website that you might find useful.  Blog to you later.  :)


  1. Thanks for linking up Lisa!! I had forgotten all about that Madlibs site! I have used it in the past for a fun writing activity when we were finished early.
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  2. Thanks for the sites. They look awesome! I can't wait to try out the Madlibs and the virtual manipulatives.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Lisa! I hadn't heard of the Teaching Kids News!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Thank you for sharing these. Most are new to me. I will definitely check out Kids News and Wacky Web Tales.


  5. Testing, testing, testing for the captcha! I'm pretty sure it's off on yours! :)
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