Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Word Work Freebie

Hi there!
This is just a very quick post - someone requested a copy of an example of some of the activities I use for Word Work with the Words Their Way lists.  I have included many of the activities for you.  My students use the same word list for two weeks - there are an awful lot of words in each list.  I usually attach a few of the activities (word sort first - by spelling pattern, prefix, suffix...)  and end with a partner activity (Snowman = hangman without the hanging, partner quiz).  If you would like a copy of the package in Word, drop me an email. :)


  1. Such a great resource...thank you so much for sharing it!!!

  2. I love word study! It helps so much with students who struggle with decoding and fluency. You might like the freebie I have on my Facebook page to use with small groups. I love the mix of hands-on, writing, and usage. Thanks for sharing this!
    Comprehension Connection

    1. Love it, Carla! Thanks for directing me to it. :)

  3. Thanks you so much for sharing! We are going to be using Words Their Way for the first time thing year. This will be so helpful for ideas.

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