Sunday, 7 July 2013

Thank you!!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I have so many people to thank for making my blog just a little bit better.

1.  Thank you to my wonderful niece, Claire (the one who helped me move my whole entire classroom upstairs a floor on the last day of school), for creating my new bee! I did not enjoy the bee that I had lamely created. Claire's bee is simply bee-autiful!

2.  Thank you to Crystal (a.k.a. Foxy) from The Library Fox for creating my awesome Mini Me!  Ask anyone - it couldn't be more perfect!

3.  Thank you to all 30 of my brand new followers on Bloglovin'.

Tomorrow, I'm going to tell you about a great hands-on idea for multiplying larger numbers that I learned from my course last week.  I will keep you hanging with that...



  1. Your Mini Me is Super Cute and accurate! I will bee back tomorrow for your multiplying tip!

  2. I look forward to you dropping by, Nicci!

  3. Mini-Me is definitely Mini-You!