Saturday, 20 July 2013

Saturday Snapshots - #2

The weather has provided us a wee bit of relief today.  We had a big storm last night which cooled the place off temporarily.  Today is hot again but not quite as humid (Thank goodness!).  I'm linking up with Miss Nelson's Got the Camera for her Saturday Snapshots.
My photos certainly do not compare at all to Miss Nelson's - I take most of my pictures with my iPhone...

As I blogged about yesterday, I have worked really hard this week making my shared reading plans for the upcoming year.  Now as every cat owner knows, cats are all about helping.  Here is baby Cassie reading my mentor texts (by osmosis).
Cassie is very smart!  She also is the:
I spent a lot of time working on the gardens.  I sent this photo to Nicci at Chalet Re.  "Here are the perennials I got today."  "Is Diet Coke a perennial?" asked Nicci.  I wish!

I got them all planted on one of the hottest days this summer.  I couldn't understand why I was sweating so much - I'm not usually a sweat-er... (Imperial and Metric!  Yay!)
Even the kitten was oh so hot.
I hope you had a satisfying Saturday!

Until next time,


  1. cute pictures. Cassie is precious. Thanks for linking up.

  2. We have a cat that likes to sleep with his belly up. So funny to me!

    Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

  3. Wowzer! That is hot! I thought I was melting in 80 degree weather without any humidity. However I love watching thunderstorms which we don't really get very often. Those flowers are beautiful. Sadly every time I try to grow anything I always kill it. :(

    Hopefully today is cooler.

    Ms Richards's Musings